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airbrush holder
2014-08-26airbrush holder

airbrush gun holder: Include 6 branch air valves and a pressure gauge.

airbrush holder
2014-08-26airbrush holder

airbrush holder: It is for putting the airbrush .After finishing airbrusht painting , you could put the airbrush on the penholder to avoid damaging them.

Super Spray Adhesive
2014-08-26Super Spray Adhesive

Super Spray Adhesive:    Super spray adhesive is a new product of our company,used to add the adherence of tattoo stencil. It is easy to use,dries quickly. Only spray two or three times on the backside of tattoo stencil is OK. As a useful and versatile tool,super spray adhesive can be used as follows:

airbrush tanning
2014-08-26airbrush tanning

airbrush tanning: DHA percent: 8%

airbrush clothes stencil
2014-08-26airbrush clothes stencil

 airbrush clothes stencil: The design is much more vivid and colorful and the lines are more exquisite than the computer stencil .It is patent in our company and we have got the patent right. One silk stencil has 6 sizes, they are A, B, C, D, E, F. (A 11.5*19(cm),B 15.5*23(cm), C 19.5*27(cm), D 23.5*31(cm) E 27.5*35(cm) F 31.5*39(cm) ,There are about 274 designs in all.)